March Musings



In an effort to remember all the exciting things that are happening this year, here’s a round up of new things that I tried in February!

I visited the nation’s capital, D.C., for a client meeting. I had a moment of awe when I saw all the historic monuments outside of Union Station. What a sight the Washington Monument must have been when Obama took office in 2008 or when MLK delivered hope to many yearning hearts with, “I Have a Dream.”

I flew back to sunny California for a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit with Google. It was my first time back since moving, and as nostalgic as it was, I can affirm that New York’s pulse is in sync with my heartbeat. If you’re in the Bay, I love Jane on Fillmore for brunch. The mango chicken curry sandwich is divine and the dragonfruit bowl is a very pink delight. I also worked up a sweat at BURN. I’ve never been more fit than when I was going to BURN everyday for a few months straight. Their combination of pilates springboard x cardio is ab inducing. I checked out the chic and library-themed bar, NovelaI was incredibly overjoyed to see old friends, old coworkers, and my favorite dog (Hannah’s Kona) again. I miss them.

I tried my first class at Sky Ting Yoga. I rarely take yoga classes because they’re a bit too slow-paced for me. However, I’ve been having some persistent back pain, and yoga was recommended as a potential cure. This studio is the definition of trendy. The classes are spacious, the teaching is effective, and I was so relaxed at the end to the point where I almost fell asleep during the meditation portion. I did not want to leave.

I rarely ever eat Vietnamese food in Manhattan because nothing compares to my Mom’s cooking. I taste-tested pho and an avocado shake at the popular Madame Vo. In Brazil and Vietnam, we love drinking avocado milkshakes. My Dad used to make them for me in the evenings. I once tried to serve these at an event in college, and my American peers were not enamored with the idea of avocado in milkshakes. 

I tried my first New York Pilates class, and I’ve continued taking classes since. Their Howard location in Soho is my favorite.

I joined the Associate Board for Hearts of Gold. When I was last at dimsum, a girlfriend mentioned that I would love the great group of people who comprise the board. Fast forward a few weeks later and I’ve met all the amazing and warm-hearted people who I’ll be working alongside this year. Working in partnership with homeless mothers and their children, HoG provides knowledge and skills to help families transition out of the shelter system. I can’t wait to share more about this as we start organizing fundraisers and events!

I tried brunch at Victor’s Cafe. My parents infused a love of music within me early on, and Victor’s has fantastic live music.

I tried my first Barre3 class. After listening to a “How I Built This” podcast featuring Sadie Lincoln – founder of the Barre3 business – I was curious about the method. Although it was a good workout, the class was overcrowded and there weren’t any adjustments for technique. If you aren’t corrected, how can you get better?

I took my first Physique 57 class. This is a fast-paced workout that has a stronger emphasis on arm weights compared to other barre classes. 10/10.

In the East Village, I discovered new favorites within a 5-minute radius: Sobaya, Mango Mango, and Sake Bar Decibel

For the first time ever, I stayed out till 3AM on a weeknight. I’m usually the first person to leave the party, so this was a BIG deal. A few of my beloved college friends spontaneously decided to get dinner after a NESCAC event. Dinner transitioned to drinks at Lillie’s and we spent the whole night laughing and reminiscing about old times. We need more nights like this.

I went to see Sleeping Beauty. If you’re under 30, there are $30 tickets that you can get from the box office!



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