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Talks@Google with Aerin Lauder


With work from home extended until July 2021 for my company, I invited Aerin Lauder of the eponymous brand Aerin to share her advice on how to decorate interiors and spaces during a time when many of us have had to adjust to makeshift offices or convert dining room tables into shared workspaces. The epitome of elegance and grace, Aerin also shared stories about her grandmother, the beauty pioneer Esteé Lauder, who lived the American dream by building up one of the world’s largest beauty empires. The Estée Lauder company now consists of many beauty counter favorites such as Clinique, Bobbi Brown, La Mer and Origins. 

Loop Store: Zero-Waste with Hidden Costs


I’ve started thinking about what I should do next after Google (or within Google if the opportunity strikes). As an avid online shopper, I receive more packages than I would like to publicly divulge. Eventually, I began to make it a point to note the material composition of the boxes that arrive at my doorstep. For a few years, packaging has been a space that I’ve been pondering about. Before COVID-19 forced our hand in regards to how we buy and sell goods vis-a-vis, e-commerce was already trending upwards. One only needs to take a look at the Amazon effect on our lobbies and recycling departments to see that this is a business and environmental problem that requires an outside of the box solution!

Advice From Bates Entrepreneurs: Find A Need, Talk To Customers, And Get A Return


I recently returned back to my alma mater, Bates College, to share some perspectives about entrepreneurship based on my experiences covering healthcare, DTC, and retail at Google. It was such a pleasure to share the stage with two phenomenal women (Julia Sleeper of Tree Street Youth, Mbali Ndlovu of Lukafit) and Chris Barbin, a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley who served as our moderator.

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Wharton Marketing Conference: What Goes Into a Great Presentation?


Earlier on this year, I decided that I wanted to work on becoming an exceptional public speaker. I already do a lot of speaking for a living, but the art of storytelling is one that is constantly evolving as our attention spans, technology and platforms evolve over time. Throughout highschool and college, I dedicated so much time towards becoming a budding writer and journalist, but I let some of those talents fall by the wayside when I opted to go into the corporate world.