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March Musings


In an effort to remember all the exciting things that are happening this year, here’s a round up of new things that I tried in February. I visited the nation’s capital, D.C., for a client meeting. I joined the Associate Board for Hearts of Gold. I went back to California for the first time since moving away.

February Firsts


How did we get to February already? January was an exciting month. In the spirit of growth and curiosity, here are some of my first “firsts.” I tried my first rowing class at Row House. I took my first chocolate-making class at Roni Sue’s Shoppe. I ventured into my first sweat lodge at Shape House.

The Season of Giving


Since I work in advertising, my holiday planning has always started during the summery days of July and the months leading up to Christmas are measured daily by a moving quota target. Recently, I joined the DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Council at work. When we were discussing content for a holiday note to the wider team, I realized that amidst the increasingly ambitious targets, we rarely took time for pause to think about the most important thing during this season: giving to others and to those in need.