Talks@Google Ft. Glow Recipe Founders Sarah Lee & Christine Chang


What a year it has been! The beginning of a new decade has been marked by the unforgettable and unprecedented rise of COVID-19. I am curious to see if there will be any spin-offs to Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Love In The Time Of Cholera.” In 2021, I am sure the world will see the inevitable rise of adorable munchkins made during, “Love In The Time of Corona.”

A month ago, I was supposed to board a plane en route to China, but coronavirus decided that I should postpone my visit to the Forbidden City. I quickly went through my bucketlist of dream destinations and decided upon South Africa as Plan B. In less than a week, we planned a brand new itinerary: 11 glorious days of safaris, penguins, road trips and urban renewal projects.

During my first day back at work, I had the great pleasure of co-moderating a panel featuring Sarah Lee & Christine Chang, the founders of Glow Recipe. They were such a joy to interview.

See the interview here:


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