Talks@Google – Wendy Nguyen & Dr. June Chin: What Can CBD Do For You?


In late July, I invited Dr. June Chin and Wendy Nguyen (Wendy’s Lookbook) to share a medical and retailer perspective about CBD at Talks at Google.

2019 is a year where CBD seems to be one of the most prevalent buzzwords in health and wellness. Kiehl’s launched a Cannabis Sativa Facial Oil. In Beverley Hills, Barney’s launched “The High End,” a cannabis lifestyle shop. The alleged anti-inflammatory and healing properties of CBD were being touted in so many consumer products, which led me to want to learn more about the science and application behind the marketing. When I saw that Potli (two friends started cannabis/CBD-infused olive oil, honey and chili oil) was stocked at Wendy’s new CBD store, Artemis, in the West Village – which also happens to be the first minority-owned CBD shop in Manhattan – I had to pay the store a visit to support their venture!

After a thorough and educational conversation at the shop with Wendy, we decided to bring this talk to life with Dr. June Chin, the medical advisor for Artemis. It’s rare that you ever see three Asian women discussing CBD and cannabis on stage, so enjoy the talk and I hope you are able to glean something new from our conversation!



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