Regardless of where you are in the world, seaside towns have an indelible and recognizable spirit to them. Sosúa was no exception to this. Before her wedding, my friend G., chartered a bus for us from Puerto Plata to Sosua for a day trip that left us all sun dazed. On the ride home, some of us were still riding the last few waves of adrenaline from the beatific day while others were content to close their eyes for a delicious nap.

The coast along Sosua was a pristine aquamarine hue. When submerged in water, you could see all the way down to your toes. Peddlers hawking their wares weaved in and out between the rows of beach chairs sprawled along the narrow beachfront. All along the boardwalk was a stretch of cheerful stores selling coconuts, inflatable toys for children, and fresh seafood. The locals were kind and incredibly helpful when we were lost in the seemingly never-ending strip of stores. I wished that I spoke Spanish so that I could ask questions and learn more about the people living in Sosúa.

I love watersports that leave you with an exhilarating energy high. Before lunch, my girlfriends and I boarded a “banana ride.” A heavy-duty inflatable banana is harnessed to a boat, and the goal is to hang on for dear life as the boat speeds away, zig-zagging and looping around the ocean in an attempt to throw everyone off the banana and into the sea. Immediately after, we all lay down on a circular floating contraption and once again held on for dear life as the boat sped away and took us for a spin that led to some flying flops into the ocean. The laughter and hilarious commentary while we were out at sea left us all whooping for joy when we were back on shore.

A lunch of freshly grilled fish and plantains was served at 3PM. To me, there are few things in life that rival a day spent at the beach with a book, lounging in the sun with the sounds of laughter echoing in surround sound all around you. If you’re going to the Dominican Republic, stopping for a day here is worthwhile.


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