The Season of Giving


Since I work in advertising, my holiday planning has always started during the summery days of July and the months leading up to Christmas are measured daily by a moving quota target. Recently, I joined the DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Council at work. When we were discussing content for a holiday note to the wider team, I realized that amidst the increasingly ambitious targets, we rarely took time for pause to think about the most important thing during this season: giving to others and to those in need.

Seasons in the Sun


When I was growing up in Vancouver, we would mark the passing of time through the passage of the seasons. I could never quite break the tie between whether I preferred the explosion of ethereal cherry blossoms in the spring or the seemingly never-ending azure days of summer spent lounging by the seaside in English Bay or Kitsilano.

Harvest Moon


For some autumnal cheer, we drove up to Prospect Hill Orchards to go apple picking. Don’t just pick the low-hanging fruit. Like many good things in life, the ones that are harder to reach are often worthwhile!

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