Harvest Moon


For some autumnal cheer, we drove up to Prospect Hill Orchards to go apple picking. Don’t just pick the low-hanging fruit. Like many good things in life, the ones that are harder to reach are often worthwhile!

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For the past two months, I’ve been exchanging positive affirmations every morning with a small and intimate group of friends. Affirmations are underrated and we need to bring them back in vogue. Who doesn’t want wake up and fall asleep to a personal cheerleading squad that is rooting for your success and happiness?



This month, I’ve been working on the concept of patience. If something isn’t solved immediately, the way you want, right now – how bad would it be? Ask yourself that to put things into perspective. What about planning to leave room for the unplanned? Some of the best memories that I look back upon were unexpected, but they happened because I was open to the unknown.